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Q1. Can foreign nationals purchase real properties in Japan?
Yes. Not only Japanese nationals but also foreign nationals can own real estates in Japan. Unlike many other countries, there are currently no laws or regulations in Japan that prohibit the purchase of real properties in Japan by foreign nationals. There are no restrictions on residence or visa.

Q2. What kinds of documents are required?
Required documents for foreign nationals are different from the ones for Japanese nationals. No worry! We have plenty of experience with registrations for foreign nationals.

We provide the following service in English.
  • Preparation of necessary documents for real properties ownership registration and application at the Legal Affairs Bureau.
  • Attending a meeting for concluding purchase contract
  • Escrow Service
  • Tax Agent Service, etc.

General Flow of Purchasing Real Properties
in Japan (using Real Estate Agent)

                      Our Service


l  Determine of real properties, and purchase application

²  Please contact us by email or by fax upon completion of purchase application.




²  Concluding business agreement with us (we will set a meeting date.)

²  We will commence the procedure upon confirmation of your payment.




²  Communicating with agent in advance

²  Checking sales and purchase contact

²  Preparing application documents for ownership transfer



l  Explanation of important matters by registered real estate broker

l  Concluding sales and purchase contract

l  Payment of deposit to Seller

l  Payment of agent fee to Agent

²  Attending meeting




²  Escrow Service




l  Final settlement of remaining fees

l  Registration of ownership transfer

²  Attending meeting

²  Applying for registration of ownership transfer at the Legal Affairs Bureau



Report of acquisition of real properties to the municipal authority

²  Submitting the report on behalf of you



Tax payment

²  Tax agent service

* This is just an example.  Procedures vary by cases.  Please contact us for details.


Please contact us for details:
(Ms.) Ai MINE
Email to mine_nak@cotton.ocn.ne.jp

Nakaya Legal Office (Solicitor)
Chiyoda Bldg. East Tower 5F
9-4, Higashitenma 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka
530-0044 Japan
TEL: (81) 6-6242-6718
FAX: (81) 6-6242-6719

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